Brand Design

Method's Visual Brand Design

What is Method?

Method is a cloud-based software platform that services small and medium sized businesses and provide CRM software that syncs with QuickBooks. In addition to selling a suite of pre-made apps, customers are also able to modify or create their own apps without any programming knowledge through their drag-and-drop app designer.

Method logo on a grid with handles at vertices

Primary Brand Colours

These colours are used in both marketing and product and range from light to dark, with the base colour in the middle. Tints and tones of each colour are in 10% increments and generated by

Method Blue
CRM Blue
Donor Aqua
Trial Fuchsia
Secondary CTA Grey
Sidebar Amber

Primary Typeface

Open Sans was chosen as the primary typeface for content copy on the website and printed materials. It is a clean and elegant font that is easy to read on both Windows and OSX computers in all browsers.

Open Sans Light normal and italic
Open Sans Bold normal and italic

Logo Design

Method is a platform where customers can build any app they want to suit their business needs, leading to infinite possibilities. Method is also a solid foundation that small businesses can entrust their customer data with, so the choice to use a solid thick solid font was made. Museo 700 is the base font the logo is built upon, with modifications to the “od” in Method made to look like an infinity symbol. The result is a logo that represents both a solid foundation and infinite possibilities.

White Method Logo

Logo Variations

Method has specific product verticals and each have their own variation of the Method logo. The largest verticals are CRM, which is Method's bread and butter product, and Donor, which supports nonprofit organizations. Other instances where a variant logo will be used is for internal company initiatives, such as Method:Gives, which is used for fundraising initiatives such as the Scotia Bank Aids Walk.

Method:CRM Logo
Method:Donor Logo
Method:Sidebar Logo
Method Partner Program Logo
Method:Gives Logo
Method:Walks Logo
Method:Developer Logo

Brand In Action

Method Website on computer screen
Method M built out of lego
Method Employees at the App Contest
Shirt with Method Logo with some mouse ears
Sales sheets, brochurs, business cards, and a pen with Method branding
Method's booth at Scaling New Heights 2019