Ron Chiu

Designer + All–Around Nerd

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My Name is Ron and I Like to Create Things!

Ever since I could pick up a crayon, I loved to draw. Ever since I could hold LEGO in my hands, I loved to create and build. This would lead to a life and career where I would constantly immerse myself in designing, creating, and building things!

Over the past 19+ years, I have been fortunate to make a career out of designing and building websites. This would branch out into graphic design work and some illustration work; and more recently, UX and UI design.

Though my primary focus is on design, I also enjoy coding HTML and CSS from scratch, and able to understand enough javascript to muck around to make it work where needed.

Other passions of mine include drawing, DJing, and more nerd-culture related interests, such as comics, video games, and anime/manga.

I am currently available for freelance, contract, and full-time opportunities.

To view my resume, you can download it here:

Download Resume (PDF)